Ottawa’s Leading Air Conditioning Service Provider Schedules When You’re Available – Including Evenings and Weekends
– At No Additional Charge

We Provide Air Conditioning Repair Or Replacement Service At A Time That’s Convenient For You

JD Swallow Heating and Cooling Contractors

Have you ever called a service company and been told that a guy will be over to your house sometime between 8 and noon?

That’s fine… but what if you have a JOB and don’t want to take time off work?

Why on earth would we FORCE our customers to miss work, just because it’s convenient for US? It doesn’t make any sense.

That’s why we have crews on staff at ALL HOURS OF THE DAY—so we can be at your house whenever it’s convenient for you.

During the day on a weekday? No problem.

After work? We’ll be there? Can’t see us until the weekend? Then we’ll be there on the weekend. With J. D. Swallow, it’s all about respect—we treat you the way we’d want to be treated

Our Team Of J. D. Swallow Technicians Know How To Maximize The Performance Of Your Air Conditioning Unit

Choosing an air conditioning system is important, but that’s not going to guarantee that you have low energy bills or live comfortably. The reason is simple: air conditioning systems will only operate correctly when they are properly installed.

You’d Be Mistaken If You Thought That All Technicians Design And Install Air Conditioning Systems The Same Way

While there are a lot of similarities of the physical air conditioning units, there are huge differences in how these systems work – and it has almost nothing to do with the system itself. The thing that will have the greatest impact on whether or not your heating or air conditioning unit performs well is how the system is installed. Installation is far more important than what system you buy.

Here’s why: in order to get the maximum benefits from your heating or air conditioning unit it has to be installed so that it can function properly. The sad truth is that a huge percentage of units are not installed properly, and the homeowner ends up thinking that he or she made a bad investment.

Ottawa Homeowners Trust J. D. Swallow Technicians To Keep Their Air Conditioning Units Operating Properly – Our Technical Knowledge And Expertise Makes All The Difference

We are not suggesting that you don’t strongly consider which heating or air conditioning unit and brand would be best for your home. We just want you to know up front that to make a good decision you need to consider the brand – but that the installation and maintenance of that system is vital to achieving your goals for an efficient, comfortable, and safe home environment.


JD Swallow Heating and Cooling Contractors Provide 24/7 Service At No Extra Charge!